Art as a Tool for Access and Transformation / Kat Rampackova

Episode Summary

Art as a Tool for Access and Transformation an interview with Kat Rampackova.

Episode Notes

In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Kat Rampackova, a choreographer, performer, and dance activist based in Barcelona, Spain. Kat shares her journey finding herself as a freelance dance artist after studying theater, contemporary dance, and improvisation across Europe. She is the co-founder of Priestor Súčasného Tanca (PST), a place for developing contemporary dance in her native city Košice in Slovakia. Kat describes PST’s emphasis on access, not elitism, and how that led her into the world of inclusive dance. Her recent piece, Mirage, is a collaboration with Finnish dance company Kaaos and is inspired by the artistic work of Catalan visual artist Joan Miró. Another international project Kat is involved with, Sound in the Silence, takes young people to places of historical significance for educational and artistic workshops. She talks about how learning history and transforming a place through art and dance can be a cathartic experience.

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Here are links to her work and to the art space that she co-founded PST.

PST - Priestor Sucasneho Tanca: 

Here are clips of her previous works, performative-choreographic exposition in collaboration with Sztuka Nowa -theater company based in Warsaw, Poland, dance performance for children Jumika  and inclusive dance performance Body Recognition.

This interview was originally part of X Dance Festival.