Experimenting with the Experimental / Maija Nurmio and Teemu Mäki

Episode Summary

Experimenting with the Experimental episode with Maija Nurmio and Teemu Mäki.

Episode Notes

In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Finnish artist/theater director Teemu Mäki and Finnish dance artist Maija Nurmio about their collaborative work Éliane, which is based on the French composer Éliane Radigue's composition L'Île Re-Sonante. Teemu describes why he was drawn to Radique’s experimental music and how a collaboration sprung up between himself and Maija. Maija shares how Radique’s music had a physical effect on her, how they negotiated creating a work that included choreography, film, visuals and Teemu's spoken-word poem that was influenced by the events of a mass murder that happened in Norway a decade ago. The work wrestles with mortality, the meaning of art, and the purpose of experimental music/art-making.

Text by Emmaly Wiederholt. 

You can find more information about each one of them, by clicking their name Éliane Radigue, Teemu Mäki and Maija Nurmio.

This episode was originally recorded to be part of X Dance Festival 2021. 

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