Dance as Integration / Kadar Kristan

Episode Summary

Dance as Integration Interview of Kadar Khristan who came to Finland in 2012 as an asylum seeker. He is now the vice president of DanceAbility Finland and performs and dances in Helsinki.

Episode Notes

In this episode he describes how he reluctantly came to dance after learning about it from another wheelchair user, and how he found integrated dance to be radically different than the dances of his culture. Kadar reflects on the therapeutic and social benefits of dance, and how performing boosted his confidence as both a person with a disability and as an immigrant. He shares more about his involvement with an all-wheelchair group that improvises about the environment and accessibility, as well as why he decided to become a member of DanceAbility Finland’s board to promote dance to other disabled immigrants.

Text by Emmaly Wiederholt.

This episode was originally part of X Dance Festival

This episode was published also at Stance on Dance